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Tin Solder Product Making Equipment

Pneumatic solder bar stamping machine

1. Technical parameters:

2.Equipment Description:
       The tin coder is supporting the use of extruder equipment has obtained the national patent office issued a patent certificate, may extruder out of tin tin automatic measurement of length, precise control of the weight of tin , can automatically cut off while printing on the tin manufacturer trademark of the machine, to overcome the traditional tin casting weight of each is difficult to ensure consistent, tin poor quality, likely to contain impurities, surface defects such as easily oxidized, thus produce high quality tin products, but also safer production.
       The machine consists of frame, straight positioning device, drive, play yards and length cutting device detection device and a discharge device component。
Tin came out from the extruder into the tin coders, tin adjusted first positioned along the guide groove straight forward, followed by length measurement, by the limit switch control, when tin the tip reaches the switch control points after the signal, play yards compete cutting device moves have been marked on the tin, and the tin of cutting tool, the tool or seal when in contact with the tin, tool, seals, tin and guide device with a forward mobile, prevent each pause play yards off the tin when bending deformation phenomenon that has been cut by the tin tin discharging device to launch。
       Scope: For a lead-free solder bar cutting dozen yards.
  3. Features:
      1 high production efficiency: capable of continuous automatic coding cut to achieve a mechatronics。
      2 tin of good quality: smooth surface, no oxidation, no holes, end formation, the same length。
      3 simple operation, can greatly reduce the labor intensity, safe and reliable。
      4 The machine is compact and easy maintenance。
      5 using pneumatic control, clean environment

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